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Chilean banks open accounts to stock exchanges and Bukele criticizes Fed



Bitcoin en español is CriptoNoticias’ weekly newsletter in which we review the most important events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in the Hispanic world.

Among this week’s most relevant news in Latin America is the fact that one of Chile’s commercial banks, sued in 2018 for closing cryptocurrency exchange accounts, has decided to return to having companies in the ecosystem as clients.

Meanwhile, the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, has questioned the monetary policy pursued by the U.S. Federal Reserve. This, while elsewhere in the region, the parliaments of Costa Rica and Panama discuss bills to regulate the bitcoin ecosystem..

To go into detail about the news from each Spanish-speaking country during the past week, we leave you with the most recent. Bitcoin in English.

Argentina to host conference on bitcoin

On November 11 and 12, the city of Buenos Aires will host one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences in the region, LABITCONF.

Several international figures from the ecosystem will be featured in a series of presentations focusing on. what the future will look like of Bitcoin in the socio-political, technological, and regulatory aspects that affect it today and will affect it tomorrow.

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In total more than 200 global benchmarks are expected of the cryptocurrency industry, who will present at the two-day event.

Chilean banks open accounts for cryptocurrency exchanges

One of Chile’s most recognized banks, which had closed the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges and CryptoMKT in 2018, is returning to offer services to these companies.

The fact represents a milestone in a conflict that goes back several years and has reached judicial instances. The case has been resolved under a method that could avoid many years of litigation in local courts.

Bill introduced in Costa Rica.

Congresswoman Johana Obando has introduced a bill in the Costa Rican Congress that aims to. give a legal framework to the bitcoin market in her country..

The legislature’s proposal includes a number of measures aimed at protect three key aspects associated with digital assets.

In a series of messages posted on Twitter, Obando explained that the aim with this project is to attract foreign direct investment, especially from fintech companies.

Nayib Bukele criticizes the Fed

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, sharply criticized the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed), during an interview given to FOX News. The president stated that the central bank steals from citizens in two ways Of that country.

Among other topics of conversation, the president questioned U.S. monetary policy. Recent 0.75 percent interest rate hike by the Fed..

Meanwhile, the Development Bank of the Republic of El Salvador (Bandesal). have refused to provide the data on bitcoin transactions made by the Bukele government..

The complaint was filed by El Salvador’s Office of Legal and Anti-Corruption Counsel, which found that the bank refused to provide the requested information.

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So far Bandesal has played an important role in Bukele’s bitcoin policy.The agency is charged with managing a US$150 million trust fund to support cryptocurrency transactions.

Increasing number of cryptocurrency companies registered with Banco de España.

The number of companies related to the bitcoin ecosystem under the recognition of the Bank of Spain. has increased substantially over the course of a year. The institution keeps a record, but there is another situation. appearance coming out of its hands and facilitating the operation of bitcoin companies.

The registration process for these companies was announced in October 2021, when the Registry of Virtual Asset Service Providers (PSAV) was created. However, registration formally began in February 2022.

Bitcoin next to the flag and bank of Spain.
Most of the BTC-related companies were registered in the province of Madrid. CryptoNews composition. Source: Wikipedia ; 24K-Production / ; Tarik GOK /

According to the agency’s data, among registered companies. Cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets stand out.most of which are based in Spain.

MercadoPago allows you to buy cryptocurrencies in Mexico.

For the past week MercadoPago has been allowing users in Mexico to transact with cryptocurrencies, and the Aztec country is now the second in Latin America with this service.

The activation comes after Osvaldo Gimenez, the company’s CEO, announced the company’s plans a few months ago. Now the platform’s goal is Extend cryptocurrency trading. to this region of the continent.

Payment app at the market
You can now buy and sell BTC and ETH through MercadoPago’s wallet. Source: Twitter – tododecripto.

Bitcoin bill discussed in Panama.

Panama’s Parliament has approved a bill that aims to regulate the use of bitcoins. The proposal was amended and debated again in the legislature after being vetoed by the executive branch. It has raised controversy because the proposal would include a new state-controlled platform.

Some changes have been introduced to the new bill that have been challenged by parliamentarians and members of the Panamanian fintech community, as they believe that could lead to institutional clashes.

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Reported increase in clandestine mining in Paraguay.

The National Electricity Administration of Paraguay (ANDE) has denounced the a boom in mining farms Bitcoin mining farms.

The agency made this observation in the face of rising electricity consumption in the eastern part of the country. This is associated with an increasing presence of cryptocurrency miners.according to statements by the technical manager of Paraguay’s electricity regulator.

Events of the week

Among the events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the region for this week, the following stand out. CryptoNews calendar:

  • Wednesday, November 1 to 3L.A Blockchain Summit Conference, organized by Drapen Golem Holm in the United States.
  • Thursday, Nov. 3Introductory conference on bitcoin and blockchain, organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

Merchants accepting cryptocurrencies in Spanish-speaking countries.

Do you know or own a small business that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for its products and services?

We invite you to share your information with us at We will confirm the data provided and report on that company’s cryptocurrency adoption in one of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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