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Charmyn Ho, director of Bybit



So far, 2022 has been quite an eventful year in the cryptocurrency markets, with words like. contagion , death spiral y recession which enters the vocabulary, a far cry from the exclusively bullish environment of the previous year.

July, however, brought some relief. Inflation did not go all the way down, but at least it did not go up either, remaining at the same level as in June. These days, this feels like a great victory, where bad news seems to be relentless.

Although investors remain uneasy amid the cost-of-living crisis and widespread uncertainty, markets have not suffered the bloodbath of previous months.

That includes cryptocurrencies, of course. Bitcoin has moved from its nadir of nearly $17,000 to around $24,000, while liquidity has started to return, at least a little, in other areas of the market as well.

That’s what makes Charmyn Ho, head of Crypto Insights at Bybit, and his monthly report quite intriguing this month. He works on a monthly study published by ByBit in collaboration with blockchain analytics firm Nansen. This week he came to the CoinJournal podcast to discuss some of the report’s findings.

The report, which examines different areas of the market, is an interesting read. It examines Ethereum’s blockchain flows, which suggests that capital continues to flee the market, indicating that this welcome respite is just a bearish rally and not a change in trend.

He also assesses NFTs, where things look healthier than he expected. Charmyn is also particularly drawn to the GameFi sector and tells how she started out as a pre-professor before finding her way into cryptocurrencies through her love of gaming, when one day she came across a game called Axie Infinity.

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This, and more, was discussed in this week’s episode.


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