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Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork update has arrived!



The long-awaited update of Cardano’s Vasil Hark fork has arrived.

Despite the wait and events of the long-awaited update, last September 22 at 09:44 UTC it finally became a reality.

Thursday saw the update, which brings with it some big and major changes for the Cardano network. These changes mainly concern the speed and scalability Of the network.

Although the first launch date was set for June 2022, the launch had to be postponed several times in order to bug fixes and critical updates. before it could be finally implemented. As a result, it was delayed and released on September 22.

Vasil Update

Known as. one of the most important upgrades to the Cardano network.was launched as an attempt to to solve several problems simultaneously through the radical changes implemented.

According to Cardano’s team, Vasil focuses on. Solving the transaction cost problem by increasing the block size..


The improvements in the update do not end there. The capabilities of the smart contracts Of the network through Plutus v2 will also improve. The improvement will come from the increased efficiency of the smart contracts themselves.

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The Hard Fork will also help take advantage of the EUTXO model so that it is possible to streamline and sophisticate the development of dApps.

As I mentioned earlier, the upgrade will also affect the speed of network transactions. Your speed will improve allowing developers to store important information without using the output.

The above measures will help to optimize transactions of Cardano. According to Tim Harrison, the speed of transactions will be improved by about 20 seconds.

Community support

The Cardano community was anxious for the arrival of the big moment and congratulated the team on the success of the Vasil update. The founder of the cryptocurrency trading platform Abra, Bill Barhydt, described the event as a great victory For the developers of Cardano:

Congratulations to the Cardano ($ADA) team on Vasil’s hardfork. Another hard work on cryptocurrencies paying off. Making UTXO and inputs accessible to scripts/Plutus without spending is a big win for developers. well done!

Next Step

Now that this update has been implemented, the Cardano team will focus on building its solution of Level 2 scalability, Hydra protocol..

The Hydra protocol will enable the following. transactions to be executed outside the blockchain. Cardano’s blockchain without the core network ceasing to be used as a level of security and settlement. The launch is expected to take place by the end of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

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