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Brazilian community teaches children to use bitcoin at school



Brazil’s bitcoin citadel (BTC), known as Bitcoin Beach (Praia Bitcoin in Portuguese), is teaching elementary school children to use cryptocurrency to buy what they consume daily, during recess.

Thus, at a school in the Jericoacoara community, children buy fruit with a debit card and a point of sale based on the Lightning network Bitcoin.

“We are faster than Visa or MasterCard, and the kids love it.” notes The Citadel team on its Twitter account. In the graphs and videos shared, several schoolchildren can be seen paying 10 sats (the minimum measure of bitcoin) for each fruit purchased.

Paying with bitcoin in Brazil.
At Brazil’s Bitcoin Beach, they believe methods that make it easier to use bitcoin will boost the cryptocurrency-based circular economy. Source: Twitter/Praia Bitcoin.

The experience is complemented by a mobile store for Lightning de Breez technology and a Bolt card or bitcoin payment card from the CoinCorner company, as specified by the community in its publication.

Some merchants in the area are incorporating similar payment systems, as highlighted in another publication Fernando Motolese, founder of Bitcoin Beach Citadel in Brazil. He believes that with user-friendly methods will grow bitcoin’s circular economy. that have driven over the past year, as it has been CryptoNews reported..

More momentum for bitcoin’s circular economy

The plan of the project is to abandon, in its entirety, the use of fiat money that is controlled by governments to create a local economy based on “real and peaceful money.”Which is how bitcoin is classified.

The proposal for a circular economy must exploit the legacy system by using its tools and laws to offer true freedom and a reduction of slavery. By using bitcoin and deciding for peaceful money, you will receive back time. Over the years, you will reduce your level of slavery and become a sovereign individual. No longer being part of the problem, you will be able to fix the world by fixing money.

The Brazilian citadel of Bitcoin Beach.

However, there are still several drawbacks to be solved when paying with bitcoin using QR codes. The main difficulty stems from the difference in BTC prices recorded by the different platforms involved in the process. Because of this, users “may pay with the wrong amount or with a huge spread, sometimes 5% or 10%,” according to States On Twitter.

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In light of this, the group continues to look for technological alternatives that would allow them to help them create the best bitcoin-based community bank. Therefore emphasize that “adoption takes time and several visits to stores, but it is happening!

In early November, the community organized a workshop for children to learn how to pay with a bitcoin payment card using the LNBits gateway. At that time, Motolese highlighted to younger members of the community, the importance of learning how to use bitcoin as a savings tool for the future..

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