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Bitpanda launches Bitpanda Commodities to offer investors access to major commodities | Crypto Plaza



The fintech unicorn Bitpanda has added commodities to its platform. Starting today, its investors will benefit from the potential of assets such as oil, gas, aluminum, and wheat, among others. Bitpanda clients can now invest in one of the widest ranges of digital assets in Europe, ranging from cryptocurrencies, crypto indices, stocks* and ETFs*, precious metals, and now Bitpanda Commodities*. Fractional, 24/7 and as low as €1 on all of them.

Bitpanda thus succeeds in providing easy access to a traditionally complex asset class by allowing investment in an underlying Exchange Traded Commodity (ETC) through derivative contracts. Bitpanda owns 100 percent of the ETCs in question, and each derivative contract always has the same value as the respective ETC. Unlike precious metals, which Bitpanda stores in a secure vault, investors will not buy shares in the physical asset.

Historically, commodities tend to move independently of stocks and bonds, making them a great way to diversify a portfolio. They can also be a great tool in the face of inflation: when prices at the supermarket rise, so do commodity prices.

Eric Demuthco-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, commented, “I am very excited about Bitpanda,” he said.Since we founded Bitpanda, our mission has always been to remove barriers and enable people to access financial markets easily and safely. The way we do it is different for each asset class, but the result is always the same: safe and easy access for our investors, anytime and from 1 euro. I am pleased that we were able to add commodities* to the platform at a time when inflation is affecting people’s savings. Bitpanda clients can now invest based on the gas bill and benefit from the short-term price movements of major commodities* such as oil, natural gas, corn, wheat and many others. I firmly believe that investing in a well-analyzed and diversified portfolio is the best way to take control of one’s financial future. Investing is no longer an exclusive activity, and I hope we can continue to offer choice and confidence to both new and traditional investors.“.

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One platform, multiple activity classes.

Investors can open a free account on Bitpanda and start investing in minutes in one of the widest ranges of digital assets in Europe, depending on their budget and risk appetite. Bitpanda customers can buy, sell or trade commodities* just like any other digital asset on the platform, with the push of a button, easily and securely.

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