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Bitcoin wallet that allows you to issue RGB tokens arrives on Android




Iris Wallet has been launched and is available for Android mobile devices. It is a wallet compatible with the Bitcoin network and the RGB protocol, a technology that facilitates the development of smart contracts in Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network. Lightning.

“The application is available in both test network and main network versions. [de Bitcoin]“, report its developers, who identify themselves as “Bitfinex Labs” (although there is no verifiable connection to the exchange of the same name).

The team behind the wallet warns, “we strongly recommend that you do not try the main network version until you have thoroughly tested the test network version.” They also clarify that “the application is still highly experimental, so bugs are likely to occur.”

Iris Wallet Is an open source development. On Github you can find its source codethat is verifiable and reproducible. Here, in relation to RGB assets, it is specified, “Iris Wallet manages RGB assets from issuing to spending to receiving, encapsulating all functionality in a familiar-looking wallet and abstracting from technical details as much as possible.”

How Iris Wallet works

CryptoNews downloaded the application, at. their testnet version. The home screen is divided into two parts, “Fungibles” and “Collectibles.”. The first part is where the bitcoin (BTC) stored at the user’s address. In the second, the RGB activities are observed non-fungible.

The application has a “taps” section, which lists websites that allow free downloads of RGB resources. At the time of this publication, that section is empty.

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Also has the “Issuing a new activity” section.. As can be seen in the image below, through this function we were able to create the file token we call CryptoNewsTest (CNP). We had to repeat the process a couple of times because we got an error warning.

Iris Wallet Interface.
Iris Wallet allows tokens to be issued according to the RGB protocol. Source: screenshot of Iris Wallet.

Other developments that allow tokens to be issued in RGB have been reported by this information portal. For example, there is Bitcoin Prolaunched in March 2021. Unlike Iris, Bitcoin Pro is not a wallet but “a smart account and contract manager.” In other words, it does not need access to private keys and does not create any kind of signature.

What is RGB?

RGB (abbreviation from “Really good for Bitcoin” or “really good for Bitcoin”), is a protocol that expands the capabilities of the Bitcoin network by facilitating the creation of smart contracts. in the second and third layers (e.g., in the Lightning network). It was originally proposed By James Zucco and Peter Todd.

According to its developers, RGB stands out in terms of confidentiality, security, scalability, and resistance to censorship.

In essence, RGB is a digital rights management system. Broadcasting, mastering, secondary broadcasting, retransmission and so on are different forms of rights managed by RGB, along with asset ownership rights.

RGB Development Team.

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