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Bitcoin & Ethereum – Market analysis for Monday, December 26th.



Bitcoin Analysis – Medium Term

Quiet weekMarkets are also on vacation and volumes are minimal. Very little change from last week and targets and support/resistance remain similar..

Bitcoin Analysis – Short Term

Despite the lack of volume, straight-line trend moves prices down in the daily cloud.. Watch for price reaction when they come in contact with it. At this rate, contact will take place on December 29.. Market reaction could be delayed, again due to traders being on vacation.

Ethereum Analysis – Medium Term

Also here, situation similar to last week’s. Prices and targets remain similar. Note that Ethereum is playing with the Fibonacci ratio at $1207.This is still a dangerous play, as it will open the door to a sharp pullback if this level is not acquired as support.

Ethereum Analysis – Short Term

Just like Bitcoinprices will touch the daily cloud, this Thursday, December 29thIf the situation remains flat and trendless. The situation remains neutral as long as volumes do not retreat and prices remain on hold, in a very narrow range.

Volatility analysis – Medium term

In the medium term, volatility is at historical lows, With support that has seen two tests, in 2019 and 2020.. This demonstrates the calm, almost excessive, that reigns in the cryptocurrency market.

Volatility analysis – Short term

At volatility returns to last week’s low.This may suggest a strong move is coming, but the question remains when? So patience, sign that this situation is awfully quiet and neutral in the absence of a real trend..

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Video Technical Analysis – Bitcoin Ethereum and Bitcoin Volatility

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