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Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador inspires this island paradise that now uses BTC



A tourist destination several miles away from Latin America is reminiscent of Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador. In the Philippines, an island has recognized itself as a bitcoin (BTC)-adapted island, inspired by the Salvadoran citadel, offering lodging, dining, and tourism services with the first cryptocurrency as the star.

The Island of Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Island), is the name given to Borácay, a small island in the Philippine suburbs.South Asia. It is a project which seeks to enhance the spirit of bitcoiners on this side of the world and that has strong similarities to what is being experienced in El Zontein El Salvador.

In general, this is a tourist site, with beaches, restaurants, hotels, and other services. All payable by bitcoinin an effort that appears to create a circular economy for itself on the Philippine islet..

A Bitcoin Islandwhich has been in operation for at least four months, there are more than 100 companies that accept BTC as a means of payment.according to the project developers themselves. This includes large hotels and souvenirsas well as travel and tourism agencies.

Also noteworthy are transporters, who accept satoshis for intra-island Bitcoin transfers.

The Bitcoin Island
Bitcoin Island in the Philippines is inspired by El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach. Source: Bitcoin Island.

Payments with Lightning

For payments, merchants use a proprietary application, called Pouch, with which locals can receive payments in BTC. This is very similar to Bitcoin Beach, which is the wallet used by businesses in El Zonte..

Pouch is a coin purse that works with the Bitcoin’s Lightning networkand while it is the most widely used on the island, it is also payment with any other wallet enabled micropayment channels is allowed. Using the cryptocurrency pioneered in the market.

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Traders can receive satoshi directly if they wish.. However, Isla Bitcoin claims that tourists visiting the city can live on “90 percent bitcoin and 10 percent fiat currency.”

They add that they are working “to further bridge this gap.” This means that everything in general will be erased with BTC on the island at some point in its history..

Other destinations inspired by Bitcoin Beach

Bitcoin Island in the Philippines is not the only tourist destination extremely far from Latin America that has been inspired by the Central American Bitcoin Beach project. to develop a bitcoiner citadel.

As reported by CryptoNews, The influence of El Salvador reached Africa, where a complex similar to that seen in El Salvador was erected. And now in the Philippines.

Bitcoin Ekasi
Bitcoin Ekasi, in Africa, is a citadel that inspired Bitcoin Beach to promote a circular economy. Source: CryptoNews.

This is Bitcoin Ekasi, a South African village that has formally adopted BTC with the intent of revitalizing its economy. This project has been in operation for more than a year.

It makes sense for other communities to join in the creation of bitcoin citadels. Especially considering the fact that the founders of Bitcoin Beach themselves have made clear the guidelines to be followed for The development of a locality with these characteristics.

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