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Bitcoin ATMs will return to holding dollars in cash



Key facts:
  • Athena CEO: BTC ATMs with cash dollars “work very well, especially in Argentina.”

  • They see the greatest growth potential in Latin America and Africa.

Athena, the ATM company for bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, will add cash dollars to its equipment in Argentina in 2023. This was announced by Matias Goldenhörn, CEO of the company, in an exclusive conversation with CryptoNews.

The conversation took place at Labitconf, the largest event on Bitcoin Latin American Bitcoin Conference, which took place in the second week of November in Buenos Aires. There, Goldenhörn told us. cryptocurrency ATMs that allow you to withdraw dollars in cash work very wellespecially in Argentina.

The company had an ATM in Argentina that offered this service. However, faced with government restrictions on foreign exchange, it withdrew the dollars it was selling in cash, leaving only Argentine pesos. “But now we will put them back in 2023,” Goldenhörn said.

Athena sees greater potential for use in Latin America and Africa

At the same time, he revealed that his focus for expansion is on the United States, the country where he started the company in 2015 and listed on the stock exchangeas well as in Latin America, where it has had a presence since 2017. Regarding the latter region, the company said it has ATMs in Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Colombia.

In addition, it stated that next year they may “make the leap” to Africa. He said that on that continent, along with Latin America is where they see the most potential for growth.despite this year’s bear market that affected the entire industry. Meanwhile, maintain more than 550 automatic teller machines of cryptocurrencies in the six countries where they are located.

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According to data from CoinATMRadarThere are currently 38,854 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world. Of these, 14 are in Argentina, all owned by Athena, except for one that belongs to the company Ibitt.

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