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BingX will be present at the LABITCONF 2022 conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Key facts:
  • LABITCONF 2022 will be held at the Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 10-13.

  • BingX offers a wide range of products such as forex, cryptocurrency, global indices, and commodities.


BingX, the leading social cryptocurrency exchange, will be present for the first time at LABITCONF 2022. This is the Latin American conference on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain held since 2013, and the most important in the region. BingX’s participation will be part of its new positioning strategy in important regions for the cryptocurrency world, such as Latin America. LABITCONF 2022 will be held Nov. 10-13 at the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

LABITCONF 2022 will be held on the eve of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Soccer will be one of the central themes of the meeting.. The event will bring together more than 120 speakers international. They include specialists in the main areas of the cryptographic ecosystem, with dozens of lectures, hackathonWorkshops and other activities of interest to hackathon enthusiasts.

The event will mainly target entrepreneurs, students, professionals, programmers and business people. In general, anyone who wants to incorporate these new technologies into their daily processes and generate new opportunities for network globally.

Some of the names of BITCONF 2022

This edition of LABITCONFT will be very special because. Vitálik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, will be present, who will participate as speaker. Ethereum is the second largest and strongest cryptocurrency on the market after Bitcoin. Vitalik is 28 years old. He is considered an “otherworldly” genius for his mathematical and programming skills and is one of the most influential personalities in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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The event will also feature Elizabeth Stark, co-founder of Lightning LaboratoriesBrittany Kaiser, former director of Cambridge Analyticaand Samsom Mow, an expert in cryptocurrency adoption strategies who worked in El Salvador to manage cryptocurrencies.

“We are delighted to participate in one of the most important cryptocurrency and blockchain events in the world, in a region as important to BingX as Latin America. The fact that it is being held in Argentina, one of the countries with the highest adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America, and just days before the World Cup is a very special incentive for those attending, and we hope BingX continues to grow and add more and more users in the region.”

Pablo Monti, BingX brand ambassador for Spain and Latin America.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX’s motto is to make it easy to trade through a simple user interface and has more than 3 million users. BingX also operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. The platform offers a wide range of products in addition to cryptocurrencies, such as. currencies, global indices, and commodities.

With regard to Argentina and Latin America, BingX is positioning itself as a one of the leading exchanges in the region taking into account users and trading volume.

The ticket price for LABITCONF 2022 will be. a special value for residents of the host country. Visitors can purchase tickets online at the official website at.

Visit BingX at:

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