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Binance signs a promise to rachat of FTX



Changpeng Zhao Binance

Changpeng Zhao, PDG-fondateur de Binance – ©

Binance vient de signer une lettre d’intention non contraignante visant à faire l’acquisition from FTX. Pour Sam Bankman Friedthe boucle is bouclée”.

Sur Twitter, ce mardi, Changpeng Zhaole PDG de Binanceannounced that it had signed a lettre d’intention non contraignante for acquérir entirely the rival exchange and today in difficulty FTX.

This afternoon, FTX asked for our help. There is a major liquidity crisis. In order to protect the users, we have signed a non-contracting letter of intent, with the intention of acquiring FTX in its entirety and helping to cover the liquidity loss. We will carry out a full DD in the next few days,” a tweeté CZ.

Le fondateur de Binance précise que son entreprise peut withdraw from the agreement “at any time”.. “Nous nous attendons à ce que le FTT soit très volatil dans les prochains jours. as things evolve,” he added.

On his side, Sam Bankman Fried a confirmé être parvenu à un agreement with Binance.

J’ai quelques annonces à vous faire. The boucle is closed, and the first and last investors of FTX are the same: we have reached an agreement on a strategic transaction with Binance for FTX”, a-t-il indicated.

Le jeune crypto-entrepreneur de 30 ans a tenu à remercier Binance et CZ for their assistance, specifying that this operation would benefit the entire ecosystem.

“I know that there have been some rumeurs dans les médias de conflit entre nos deux exchangesbut Binance has shown repeatedly that they are linked to a more decentralized global economy while striving to improve the industry’s relations with regulators. We are in good hands. “, concluded SBF.

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Suite aux annonces, le cours du BNBBinance’s native token, has increased by nearly 20% to 386 dollars. FTT has gained 28% to about 18 dollars. FTX’s jeton, which was falling sharply this night, is still up more than 20% over 24 hours.

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