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Binance integrates Trust Wallet into its platform



Binance now allows withdrawals and deposits of cryptocurrencies through the Trust Wallet. This new feature is available as of today, November 16.

Binance has always been known for listening to its users, and its initiatives have focused on advancing the platform itself. This effort is evidenced by its innovations, even in the face of an unfavorable outlook for the Web3 industry. Last week, the platform added to Apple Pay and Google Pay as a method of accessing the platform, but this is not Binance’s latest development.

Today, the administration of the exchange launched a release announcing the integration of Trust Wallet into Binance. Trust Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Binance, through which you can send, receive and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies securely. It has its own mobile application through which we can manage our assets in a secure and agile way.

Although it is the official wallet of Binance, until now it was not integrated or compatible with the exchange platform. Binance decided to integrate it into the platform as a way for users to access the Web3 world more easily.. Binance customers will now be able to transfer cryptoassets from their Binance account to their Trust Wallet and vice versa.

Binance wanted to make it easier for its users to use the Trust Wallet and decided to waive withdrawal fees.. By integrating the wallet directly into exchangeIf you do not need to scan or register your address each time you make a transaction, you do not need to register your address each time you make a transaction.

The administration has launched a tutorial On how to connect the Trsut Portfolio to the general platform of the exchange house. At the moment the integration is only available for Android, while iOS users will have to wait to connect to the platform.

It is believed that the main reason why Binance decided to make this decision is the massive flight of users from the exchange platforms. After what happened with FTX many users have withdrawn their funds from exchanges and moved them to their cold wallets to avoid the collapse of such platforms. Binance decided to include their wallet as a withdrawal option to somehow keep customers within their ecosystem.

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