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Best cryptocurrencies to buy – IMPT raises $14 million, presale ends soon



As an innovative project that solves an urgent global problem, IMPT is considered by many analysts to be the most environmentally responsible cryptocurrency project. Focused on solving the problem of climate change, IMPT comes at the best time when policymakers around the world are looking for solutions.

The IMPT enables individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. It makes carbon credits available and easy to purchase through the use of blockchain. It will be possible to purchase carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain using the IMPT cryptocurrency.

The IMPT project has had an impressive response from investors in its first presale phase, during which the IMPT token sold for $0.018, a price that many considered a giveaway. The second phase of the presale offers a price of $0.023 per IMPT token. Sixty percent of the tokens allocated for phase 2 have been sold and more than $14 million has been raised. Phase 2 will end when the allocated tokens are exhausted or when the December 11, 2022 deadline is reached.

This means there are only a few days left to explore this opportunity to buy IMPT tokens at such a low price before things change when the cryptocurrency is listed on CEXs like LBank and Changelly Pro. IMPT will also be listed on Uniswap’s DEX. The token is. available for reservation on the official website.

Why buy IMPT?

Cryptocurrencies have become a viable investment category for investors looking for instruments with high return potential. Buying a cryptocurrency at the right time can bring considerable returns.

Despite the risks involved, the key to success is to be an early adopter.

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In the cryptocurrency industry, almost all early adopters of sustainable projects have great stories to tell about their investments. Therefore, it is important to know whether a project is sustainable or not. This raises the question of how sustainability can be verified.

The most fundamental test of a project’s sustainability lies in its use cases and the fact that it solves a real problem. Take the example of the Bitcoin Over the years, it has served as an effective payment solution, providing a transparent, secure, fast and cheap transaction system worldwide.

The same can be said of Ethereum, which has led the ecosystem of DApps creation and enriched the blockchain industry.

For IMPT, solving a recognized global problem is the least we can say to ensure its sustainability. Therefore, early adopter status is assured for the buyers of the IMPT file before the end of the presale.

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