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Best crypto tips for winter survival from top Hodlers



And who is better placed to give you the survival strategies than those who have been there. We have checked on various social networks and have found 3 crucial tips that you can also use to survive the crypto winter.

Don’t focus too much on current events!

While it is important to keep abreast of current events, it can also be harmful when cryptos behave badly. According to a Reddit user, news organizations, whether in traditional or online media, have a tendency to amplify everything to attract viewers.

During the winter, we have seen disastrous predictions concerning the sector and many investors have sold their assets, often at a loss.

Prédiction cours Bitcoin : pourquoi ces experts croient-ils [à tort] that Bitcoin will reach 10 000 $ ?

La meilleure chose à faire, par conséquent, est de se terrer and to wait for the winter to pass. You must stay away from any source that could discourage you and make you sell for fear of losing. However, the volume of crypto transactions and regulations show that the sector is still very active and growing.

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Find a full-time job !

You can’t expect to make a living from crypto trading with limited capital. Regarder votre portefeuille crypto and vous ronger les ongles toute la journée en défilant les price graphs can be unbelievably stressful.

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Vous devriez plutôt trouver un emploi à temps plein, si vous le pouvez, ou à temps partiel. Not only this will save you from make irrational decisions.because of the eventuality of not being able to generate profit at the end of the month.

Privilégiez le long terme

Those who have been aware of digital currencies for years suggest that cryptocurrencies are cyclical. Just as this has been produced in 2018, un hiver est généralement suivi d’un bull runTherefore, you should not rush to leave the market because of a single bad year.

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