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BC.GAME invests 700 ETH in NFT for a better metaverse




BC.GAME invested 700 ETH in multiple NFTs with the ultimate goal of boosting the metaverse and the iGaming sector. The amount of ETH was distributed among 5 BAYCs, 3 CryptoPunks, 1 Clonex, 2 Azuki and 3 newer Art Gobblers.

The cost of 700 ETH is believed to help the cryptocurrency industry provide a better metaverse ecosystem for its users.

In an effort to enhance the metaverse ecosystem, BC.GAME has developed a new iGaming crypto platform that supports multiple chains and web3 ecosystems. To mark the occasion, it will hold an NFT raffle with major prizes.

BC.GAME Improvements

Crypto Casino of the Year, BC.GAME, has decided to support the metaverse to provide a new and improved user experience. This initiative is just one of many actions taken by BC.GAME to ensure that all its players receive the best service and features available in the cryptocurrency market.

BC.GAME has invested in 5 BAYCs, 3 Crypto Punks, 1 Clonex, 2 Azuki and 3 state-of-the-art Art Gobblers at a total cost of 700 ETH. In addition, he purchased a complex collection of NFTs that is currently available. The BC.GAME NFT collection is ready at. Open Seathe largest NFT marketplace, where users can buy and sell NFT through smart contracts.

In addition to supporting the evolution of the metaverse concept and investment in NFTs, BC.GAME has created an iGaming crypto platform that supports multiple chains and web3 ecosystems. Multi-chains offer efficiency for buying, trading, and searching by eliminating middlemen. In addition, web3 ecosystems have many advantages, such as control over data ownership, freedom of interaction, and enhanced security.

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BC.GAME NFT Sweepstakes

BC.GAME is constantly offering improved functions and holding sweepstakes. It recently announced that it has launched a new NFT sweepstakes.

The NFT raffle prizes are as follows:

  • Mystery Box (NFT worth 2.5 ETH) for 1 winner(s).
  • Meka #3895 for 1 winner(s)
  • Meka #5369 for 1 winner(s)

More on BC.GAME

BC.GAME is a cryptocurrency community-based casino revolutionizing the casino industry and the world of blockchain, being one of the first casinos to support the Lightning Network. Since its launch in 2017, the platform has offered players the best online casino experience.

BC.GAME is the Crypto Casino of the Year 2022, thanks to its many prestigious industry awards. The platform now accepts payments in both local currency and many popular cryptocurrencies. In addition, BC.GAME provides industry-leading gaming solutions within the web3 community and supports NFT as a resource for gambling, reloads, withdrawals, exchanges, and other services.

After the recent addition of sports betting, users now have access to more than 8,000 games, including sports, slots, live table games, and even the popular Bitcoin (BTC) bump game.

In addition to the platform’s new features, those who are not yet familiar with the BC.GAME platform should know that it offers numerous benefits to new users. On the BC.GAME platform, users are able to register on the website and get up to 1 BTC. In addition, after registration they can immediately redeem a 300% deposit bonus. These are just some of the many benefits offered to players.


More information is available at. Official website of BC.GAME and its social networks, Twitter y Telegram.

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