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Axie Infinity players in Cuba lose access to Ronin wallet




The latest update of the Ronin wallet mobile app has left users in Cuba and other countries without access to their Axie Infinity wallet. The exclusion factor of the new version of the Ronin app is that it prevents its use while a VPN service is active.

The English translation of the meaning of the acronym VPN is Virtual Private Network. The main reasons for using a VPN include: increasing the level of privacy while browsing, and increasing the level of privacy while browsing. Accessing websites that are blocked in some countries..

CryptoNews contacted several Axie Infinity players from Cuba who were affected by the latest update to the Ronin app. They explained that the only way to play online and access Axie Infinity pages and tools is through a VPN.

It is not known exactly whether the blocking of these types of websites comes from the Cuban government or from some international entity in obedience to the sanctions imposed from abroad on the Cuban government. it is impossible to enjoy the benefits of the Internet without a VPN. for islanders.

Access to the Ronin portfolio via PC has not been affected.

Fortunately for Cuban Axie Infinity players, the VPN usage issue only affects the Ronin app for mobile devices. These users can therefore continue to access their wallets and other Ronin and Axie Infinity tools via a VPN-enabled PC.

The Cubans’ fear is that these measures will then be extended to other devices. This would completely exclude them from the Axie Infinity ecosystem, although they would be able to play, they would be deprived of benefits such as buying and selling axes. and other activities NFT and to claim the prizes they can get at events or at the end of each season.

This is the warning that appears when someone tries to access the Ronin mobile app using a VPN. Source: Axie Infinity player (anonymous).

Members of Axie Infinity’s technical support team commented to CryptoNews that they are not aware if in the future. Restrictive measures on VPN use could be extended to PC access.. On the other hand, they clarified that the restriction to VPNs in the application is due to cybersecurity concerns.

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It is important to note that the Ronin network came under attack last March. CryptoNews reported the fact that hackers extracted the equivalent of more than $625 million in cryptocurrency from the bridge connecting Ronin to Ethereum.

With the latest update to Ronin’s mobile app, users can no longer use VPN for security reasons. But they can still use the VPN on the PC. We are collecting cases of users affected by this problem to see what we can do..

“Buddy,” Axie Infinity service specialist..

The Axie Infinity support team recommends that affected users write a ticket to their website. website official website to report it. This would also allow them to be kept in mind in case Sky Mavis, developer of Axie Infinity, proposes some kind of solution for interested players.

In the Axie Infinity gaming community, there is said to be a section in the game’s terms of use that prohibits the use of VPNs. However, this is not stated on the Sky Mavis website. Furthermore, support team members contacted by CryptoNews stated that they were not aware of such a rule.

An alternative solution for Axie Infinity players in Cuba.

Some users of the Ronin mobile wallet app commented on Twitter that they did not lose access, even using a VPN. Their strategy was simple: do not update the app.. Since the restriction on VPN use in the Ronin app was present in the most recent version, it was sufficient to avoid updating the app.

Although avoiding updating the Ronin app would allow users to maintain access to the wallet on their mobile device, this cannot be considered a permanent solution; users would still be unfairly restricted to an older version that is more vulnerable to attacks and has fewer tools available than the newer version.

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