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Argentine UFC fighter cashes in stablecoin for next fight



Argentine boxer Guido “El Ninja” Cannetti has agreed to be paid in stablecoin for his next bout in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon against American Randy Costa on Oct. 1 in the United States.

Ninja will become the UFC’s second Latin American athlete to be paid in a currency other than fiat.. The first to do so was Brazilian fighter Matheus Nicolau who received bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment last March.

According to a statement sent to the CryptoNews newsroom, for the 42-year-old Argentine wrestler, by receiving payment in a stable cryptocurrency, he will not be forced to “weigh and expose his savings to the volatility and devaluation of the local currency.”

So far, in 2022, the inflation in Argentina increased by 46.2% directly affecting the Argentine economy who lost their purchasing power.

“I love my country and I am very happy that I have the opportunity to maintain a good lifestyle here, receiving my payments safely and storing my wealth in the best way, in dollars. It is a luxury to be able to earn in dollars and at the same time live surrounded by the people I love,” Cannetti said.

Cannetti’s bout will be against American Randy Costa for 135 pounds in Las Vegas. Source: Twitter.

Payment to El Ninja will be made through the Bitwage platform.a U.S.-based company that deals with international payments with bitcoin and stable currencies.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies gain ground in the UFC.

The UFC is the world’s largest mixed martial arts company. has become a coveted venue for companies in the world of industry and commerce. bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

2020, collaborated with the blockchain Chiliz to enable its millions of fans worldwide to access offers and rewards, including tickets to UFC events and access to presale tickets, as reported by this site.

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While, in 2021, it was the year when companies in the cryptoasset industry decided to. mark their territory in UFC sports arenas.With a presence on fighters’ clothing, as well as the exchange or in the hexagon asPole.comOne of the world’s largest cryptocurrency casinos and bookmakers.

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