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Argentine minister speaks to bitcoiners and Chile unveils regulation




Bitcoin en español is CriptoNoticias’ weekly newsletter in which we review the most important events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in the Spanish-speaking world.

Among the most noteworthy news in Latin America this week were statements from Argentina’s economy minister, who previewed his plans to speak with members of the ecosystem to better understand bitcoin.

Elsewhere in the region, the Chilean parliament has passed a draft fintech law with which it aspires to regulate the cryptocurrency sector. This, while the Salvadoran government plans to offer blockchain education to children..

To go into detail about the news from each Spanish-speaking country during the past week, we leave you with the most recent. Bitcoin in English.

Argentine minister wants to meet with bitcoiners

Sergio Massa, Argentina’s Economy Minister, is organizing a meeting with bitcoiners who will be in the country this November as part of Labitconf.

As the minister said, the meeting will have multiple objectives, but there are. two that stand out above all others. To manage this meeting, he required help from one of the bitcoiner lawyers most renowned bitcoiner lawyers in the country.

Meanwhile, the Federal Administration of Public Inland Revenue (AFIP) conducted a mega operation in which, through a heavy police deployment, it discovered how 40 people committed two crimes related to cryptocurrency mining.

For their part, the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) and the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) noted how, through a modus operandi, they were attempted to enter the country hundreds of smuggled miners.

Minister Sergio Massa and AFIP authorities.
Minister Sergio Massa and AFIP authorities during the operation. Source: Télam.

This week Argentine exchange Satoshi Tango reported the launch of a stock exchange new instrument for international payments with bitcoin, which guarantees will be used to conduct cryptocurrency transactions across a wide range of merchants..

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In this context, the City of Buenos Aires organized the traditional “Night of Museums” on October 22. The activity, which has been held since 2004, exhibitions included related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Chainalysis’ latest report reveals how stable the coins are evolving in local stores. The company claims that the economic measures taken by the government have undermined the ability of citizens to save money..

List of Latin American countries with the highest volume of cryptocurrency trading.
These are the Latin American countries that traded the most cryptocurrencies between July 2021 and June 2022. Source: Blockchain Analysis.

A civil organization that brings together people who identify themselves as “scammed by Generation ZOE.” organized a protest in Buenos Aires, in front of the Argentine Palace of Justice.

One of the affected investors made statements to CryptoNews explaining how the case is proceeding before the courts and outlining the actions to be taken to ask the authorities for the return of their money.

The decline of the Colombian peso measured in bitcoin

The devaluation of several currencies has also affected the Colombian peso (COP). Its devaluation can be measured in based on a metric which allows us to observe how this national currency has collapsed.

According to market analyst Juan Rodriguez, about five years ago the value of BTC in pesos was much lower than it is today. The analogy between the value of bitcoin and that of other state currencies is evidence of how central bank policies devalue currencies.

Chile moves forward with fintech regulation.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric, is preparing to review The Fintech Bill recently passed by parliament. The idea of the regulation is to address business models based on new financial technologies.

With the approval of this project, it is expected to facilitate the entry of other players into the market, including the cryptocurrency sector.

El Salvador plans to teach children about bitcoin

According to El Salvador’s government plans, children will be be able to learn about bitcoin. For technology and economic affairs adviser Monica Taher, the idea is to children to understand the problem from an early age..

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It was also learned that much of the population of El Salvador rejects the passage of the Bitcoin Law for a reason that concerns them In economic terms.

Data from a survey conducted by Universidad Centroamericana José Simón Cañas indicate that many Salvadorans do not support President Nayib Bukele’s cryptocurrency plans.

Despite the above, a sector of the world’s population is determined to live in a bitcoin standard, which is a new financial and social transformation.

These are the circular economies that arise following the El Zonte beach model in El Salvador, replicated in various corners of the world.

Spanish economist warns against CBDCs.

For Spanish economist Marc Vidal, “central banks. are preparing a trap from which we can only escape with bitcoins.”

The expert expressed his concern in a podcast and on his YouTube channel, noting that. these assets will be used to spy on citizens at unprecedented levels.

Mexico: leader among countries sending remittances with bitcoin.

How was published in a decree Mexico freed a number of agricultural products from import tariffs. This was part of the implementation of a new package of economic measures.

In this context, Chainalysis revealed that sending remittances with cryptocurrencies had a negative impact on the health of citizens. boom in the land of the Aztecswhere “billions of dollars” were traded. have been exchanged.

For her part, Mexican Senator Indira Kempis. said that “Bitcoin will be legal tender in Mexico.” For the state representative of Nuevo León the adoption of bitcoin is inevitable.

Venezuelans prefer stable currencies.

Stable currencies are among the most widely used by Venezuelans. So much so that transactions with these assets occupy an important part of the Venezuelan economy. Of cryptocurrency transactions..

This was determined by Chainalysis in a report. According to the study, the following agreements were negotiated in the Caribbean country this year A much higher volume of cryptocurrencies was traded this year than last year..

United States Department of Justice.
The indictment against the Russian and Venezuelan nationals was made public on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Source: U.S. Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Justice. has identified a group of Venezuelan nationals and Russians who were accused of running a global network that allegedly used cryptocurrencies for criminal purposes.

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Meanwhile, CryptoNews spoke with lawyer Ana Ojeda, known on social media as “Cryptolawyer,” who told us her story and offered details about her trajectoryher perspective on the ecosystem and women’s participation.

Events of the week

Among the events related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the region for this week, the following stand out. CryptoNews Calendar.:

  • Wednesday, October 26.Introductory online course “Introduction to bitcoin and cryptoeconomics,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Wednesday, October 26Free workshop “Self-financing with bitcoin and stablecoin,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Wednesday, October 26Free workshop “Development and future of the crypto space,” organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Thursday, October 27Introductory conference on bitcoin and blockchain, organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina.
  • Oct. 28-30First edition of “Historic NFT Fest,” lectures and workshops on the origin of non-fungible tokens organized by DADA, Spain.

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