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Argentina is fertile ground for SRO growth, experts say



Key facts:
  • DAOs change social structures, argues economist Simón Espínola.

  • For the founder of Andino DAO, this technology accelerates the learning process.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have gained an important space in Latin American communities. This was expressed by some specialists at the Santiago Polytechnic University conference held yesterday, Sept. 23, in the Chilean capital.

Speakers at the conference included economist Simón Espínola, Diego Montes, founder of Andino DAO, and Joseph Sanchez, of Cadena Group. A panel moderated by Lía Godoy.

Espínola commented that. Latin America is fertile ground for the growth of this technology.. He paid special attention to Argentina. According to his data, 50% of Latin American DAOs come from that country.

What are the benefits of DAOs?

The dialogue continued with participants listing the advantages they see in this type of organization.

For Godoy, for example, DAOs serve as a tool for the realization of objectives. This idea was echoed by other participants, who shared the idea that DAOs are an innovative means of achieving goals.

Espínola goes further and argues that decentralized technologies “are changing the structures with which we collaborate as a community.”.

Montes, for his part, is convinced that DAOs are. a tool “with which a person can accelerate his or her learning process.”. This, according to him, through the creation of a community united by the same purpose.

In addition, the participants agreed that DAOs generate commitment in their participants. Governance is distributed among all token holders and a new form of commitment to and from the organization emerges.

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Not only that, but the Participation in a DAO pushes people to learn more about the technology.. As Sanchez said, “people need to be involved to understand how this technology works.” For him, this is still a challenge to overcome.

What is a DAO?

A CryptoNews text on the subject explains that. DAOs operate as digital companies. They are different from traditional companies in that their voting system is determined by smart contracts. Asset holders called governance tokens participate.

As seen in the chart below (dating back to June 2022), DAOs have multiplied by almost 9 times in 12 months:

DAO graph from 2020 to the present.
Number of DAOs with one or more proposals in their governance. Source: @n4motto – Twitter.

Specifically, as this news portal reports, the number of existing DAOs in the world has increased from 700 to more than 6,000.. However, the number of DAOs with only three or fewer proposals voted on is still too high and exceeds 60%.

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