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Are you ready to play with He Man and see Lord of the Rings in the metaverse?



Key facts:
  • Masters of the Universe revives in the virtual world, 40 years after animating the physical world.

  • The director’s cut of The Fellowship of the Ring is now available on NFT.


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Toy manufacturer Mattel has created a dedicated entertainment metaverse it has called Cryptoys, in which it is launching a digital collection of the Masters of the Universe series, where He Man is king.

Another company has also focused on entertainment, such as the film company Warner Bros. launched the Web3 WB Movieverse initiative, in which. opened the non-fungible token (NFT) trade for the Lord of the Rings movie..

Although the NFTs and the metaverse have failed to completely convince the cryptocurrency community, many large companies continue to focus their efforts on this virtual world..

In fact, the volume of non-fungible token trading is making it clear that it is currently there is a great lack of interest in digital reports CryptoNews recently.

However, Warner Bros. felt the time was right to auction off 999 ultra-rare tokens starting at $100 and 10,000 NFTs of ordinary, unusual and rare quality starting at $30.

So far, it is unclear whether the company was wrong or not, as at the time of writing this article all the NFTs are still on sale and many are already selling for over $700..

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Every NFT contains the director’s cut of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” as well as photos, shooting videos, interactive galleries, and other bonuses.

The Lord of the Rings NFT Collection.
Warner Bros. says the Lord of the Rings NFT collection maintains the mystery characteristic of the saga. Source: Twitter/Eluvilnc.

He Man is in the universe and also comes with a blister pack

Meanwhile, the collection of digital action figures or toys for the metaverse of Mattel, will be available from November 9.

This collection 12 characters includes He-Man, one of the most popular dolls. with which Mattel broke through in the 1980s.

Back then, the so-called inhabitants of Eternia were as well-known as Marvel superheroes or Star Wars characters are today.

When the craze for Him The man has passed, but his figure has remained among the most sought-after by collectors.who tend to pay more for better-preserved toys. Therefore, if the toy is still wrapped in a blister (plastic wrap), its price will be among the highest.

Perhaps for this reason, now that He Man is reviving in the metaverse 40 years after being a toy in the physical world.The company decided to maintain the spirit of the good collector by emphasizing that you can store the digital card in a cube or blister pack.

Digital games.
Mattel preserves the spirit of the good collector by inviting people to store digital toys in their blister packs, as they do in the physical world. Source: Mattel Creations.

“You can store your Cryptoy in perfect condition in its cube, develop it in its blister pack or unwrap it and watch it come to life,” the company explains in its press release. official website.

Among the characters included in the collection are Prince Adam, Evil-Lyn, Battle Cat/Cringer and Tri-Klops. Other characters such as Orko, Teela, Beast-Man, Trap-Jaw, Skeletor, Sorceresses, Panthor, and Man-At-Arms will be released in the coming months as digital action figures for a playable metaverse about which little is yet known, as the company stresses that the release of its figures is only the beginning.

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