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Apple – Hide that NFT that I can’t engrave!



There is a sort of invisible border between Web2 companies and the new version of the Internet Web3 and this is sometimes difficult to identify. And even if it is sometimes difficult to identify, these are deep incompatibilities that are almost impossible to resolve. The best example of this is, without doubt, the the ongoing standoff between the NFT market and the giant Apple.. This is because of their desire to impose an exorbitant fee on all transactions that go through their app. Apple Store.

To be surprised by this situation may show a somewhat naive side. But you have to understand that a 30% commission may seem “normal” in traditional economics. But thatis simply obscene in the NFT sector, where even leader Opensea does not charge even a tenth of that amount to its users.. Especially when you consider that this tax applies to both all purchases made on the App Store and all funds spent when using it. And this does not seem to be going in the direction of an amicable settlement….

NFT Tokens

NFT – Apple’s 30% commission does not pass the filter.

Jordan P. – 27 Sep 2022 – 13:30

Apple had finally decided to allow the sale of non-fungible tokens […]

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Apple v. NFT – An even more blocked App Store

Some already consider this case a losing battle for the NFT market. Some consider the case a losing battle for the NFT market, as the young players in this ecosystem take on the giant Apple, which has always specialized in locking down its products and features. A policy that the company clearly wants to confirm and harden in the face of what it considers attempts to circumvent the limits of its App Store.. This is done with the help of integrated links that allow its users to escape the 30% fee applied to everything that moves.

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In fact, this week new changes have been added to. the latest update to the internal policy of its inevitable App Store.. With a special section dedicated to applications linked to non-fungible tokens (NFT). And things are not getting any better in this area.

Apps can use built-in purchasing to sell non-fungible token (NFT) services, such as minting, quoting, and transferring. They can allow users to display their own NFTs, as long as this property does not unlock the app’s functionality. They may also allow users to browse collections of NFTs owned by others, as long as they do not contain buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchase mechanisms other than those built into the App Store. “

Apple Store

A decision that Further restricts the scope of NFT-related projects. already almost non-existent in the App Store. But is this really a surprise? Because who would have thought that Apple would let the apps it hosts in its store offer services outside its borders. And it doesn’t matter if the addition of these features is. an attempt to boost a moribund and non-fungible token the midst of this bear market.

NFT Tabs

NFT – How to set a “fair price” using a Twitter bot?

Hugh B. – 14 Oct 2022 – 09:00

The NFT market is not at its best. […]

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But Does the NFT market really need the App Store to grow? A question worth asking. Knowing that this very young ecosystem already has its own internal drifts. Like the progressive cancellation of copyright on more and more platforms as in the recent case of the current leader of the Solana blockchain, Magic Eden. Because problems do not always come from outside….

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