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After the merger, these are the improvements they are preparing for Ethereum



The Unite has been completed on Ethereum. The next major phase to be activated will be the Soaring and with it will begin the process known as the ShardingWhich will increase the scalability of the network.

Meanwhile, developers are already discussing what other improvements should be included in this update.. Under the Shanghai-candidate tag, in the forum Wizards of EthereumEthereum code authors discuss what proposed improvements (EIPs) could be included.

One of the most debated is EIP-4895, which will make it possible to take from the ethers (ETH) in stakes. While this is expected to be activated with the SurgeCryptoNews reported that. it is possible that it is postponed due to operational problems.

Another of the PIDs discussed is the 2537. This proposal makes improvements in the field of security by adding a system for pre-filling cryptographic signatures. The abstract of the improvement states that it will implement a system against denial of service attacks. (DDoS).

One of those that has seen the most interactions within the forum is the EIP-2315. It aims to add subroutines to the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This, in practical terms, would allow optimize the execution time of the EVM, resulting in a faster network..

In total, at the time of publication of this article, more than 17 candidate EIPs are under discussion to be added to the Shanghai update. However, due to development time, it remains to be seen which quantities will be added to the update.

The Soaring could be much more important than the Unite

In practical terms, the Unite was only a modification of the consensus algorithm. While it had protocol-level implications, users did not see direct improvements. However, the sharding Is a scalability upgrade that could see the network much smoother and with much lower rates.

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In the words of Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance. sharding of Ethereum will be much more important than the Unitebecause of the implications it will have for the network.

For the time being, there is no set date for the activation of the Soaring. However, according to the original schedule shared by the Ethereum Foundation, it would be activated by mid-2023.

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