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According to Kiyosaki, now is the time to buy bitcoin, and he explains why.



Key facts:
  • Rising interest rates will bring down stocks and real estate, Kiyosaki said.

  • Kiyosaki believes that the U.S. dollar is dying.


The complex U.S. and global economic situation prompted billionaire Robert Kiyosaki to offer his perspective on the future scenario, urging people to buy bitcoin (BTC) before the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) raises interest rates.

The advice from the author of Rich father, poor fatherIs due to the fact that when interest rates are raised by the Fed, people tend to save moneywhich decreases the appetite for risky investments, such as bitcoin.

The price of bitcoinas happened last month when the Fed raised interest rates by 0.75 percent, recorded a drop of 7.26 reported by CryptoNews.

In the event that rates are not raised, consumers perceive that inflation is under control and they no longer have to incentivize saving, so people return to buying digital assets, which can lead to spikes in the price of digital assets.

For Kiyosaki a further rise in interest rates will kill the economy and will eventually wipe out stocks, bonds and real estate.

In addition to promoting the purchase of BTC, Kiyosaki, as usual, also invites to buy gold and silvereven though the latter claims to be “sold out.”

Kiyosaki’s warnings about the U.S. economy have not stopped. In fact, last September, he indicated that the dollar is “dyingThe dollar is “dying” because of a Fed-induced spiral of debt and inflation.

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