Future of Design

We believe that UI design

and easy to use interfaces is the key for our crypto community to make all ethereum projects awesome and easy to use.

Very often buying something with bitcoin (or whatever the currency is) becoming very confusing.

We want to popularize blockchain technology and especially ethereum projects. To do that we need to make more user friendly interfaces in all our blockchain projects.

So we are here for standing our beliefs of simplifying and beautifying things. Because at the end this will be the main thing that make all crypto project so much popular. Make it simple and nicely to use.

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Meet with Ed - World Design A.I. Mashine

Ed - the best designer, which can only dream of. He does not get tired, he always has a million ideas and options. It monitors trends and user behavior.

OpenBazaar Generator Ed's portfolio

Etherdesign Contract

EtherDesign Stream is daily broadcasting process of creating design of cryptosystems.

If u need design support for project or service - add request to EtherDesign Contract and get PSD files for start production right now. Intelligent robots are helping to choose the color, the grid and the blocks on the pages, which reduces development time.

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At the same time the design is completely unique and trendy. Watch for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit

EtherDesign started

Mission: UI design and easy to use Interfaces for blockchain projects

May - Aug
Ed First Step

Ed's first project is the design of the generator for OpenBazaar. Also, you can see Ed portfolio - generated works based on random data.

Aug - Sep
Design progress

LiveStream Daily Schedule, Todo Script for requests, Roadmap Avaliable

EtherDesign Contracts

Whitepaper, Timing and Escrow Payment Contract

EtherDesign Alpha Test - design right now!

More info soon

EtherDesign Open Test

Mashine make first Design

Wake Up, Ed!

Etherdesign ICO started 17 YAN 2017. More info soon.

A.I. Start Learning
Mashine Selling Contract

More info soon

World Design Marketplace
Custom presets for b2b

Most populat platform supported

Specialized A.I. Designers